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For the 2018 season To ensure that all cheerleaders obtain their uniforms prior to the start of the season, we will be setting up dates for the vendor to size the girls in May.  These dates will be BEFORE camp and announced with registration.  This will allow the vendor to get each cheerleader her uniform as soon as possible.


Uniform requirments:

  • Cowboy Cheer Uniform (includes briefs and uniform long sleeves)
  • Bow for hair from AHYAA
  • Practice tank top from AHYAA

***Our 1st grade cheerleaders will be supplied with an AHYAA uniform that must be returned at the end of the season- cleaned and dry***

Must Haves:

  • Navy shorts (for parade & practices) ***
  • White (only) gym shoes
  • White socks (only)
  • Rain poncho (Girls cheer rain or shine)

  • Navy warm up suit ***

*** We sell the "must haves" in the spirit wear section if you want to order from us, this is NOT required but you MUST HAVE THE DESIGNATED COLORS. ***