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Homecoming is a fun highlight of the season! Here is a little information about what homecoming is all about!

Rain or Shine! Hopefully, the day will be dry and pleasant. If the forecast calls for bad weather, please arrange to bring gear for your daughter. Please note, thunder and lightning will cancel games!

Homecoming Committee: The actual time frames for all pre-game activities, meeting places, snack lists, and fun extras is up to the homecoming moms. Each squad has a parent(s) who have volunteered as the homecoming parent(s). They will be working with the cheer coaches, team leads, and the football coaches to have this event run smoothly. They will be responsible for letting you know the final schedule and activities. Look for a handout or email from your squad’s homecoming representative.

Some ideas may include:
Flowers for the cheerleaders
Decorating the field with balloons/signs
Cowboy Tattoos
Handing out footballs to children at the games
Pizza party the Friday night before the game
Doughnuts and juice the morning of homecoming
Matching hair ribbons
Meeting for a cheer picnic before the game (depending on what time you are cheering)

Homecoming date - TBD

Performance Day

This is held the last practice of the season. It is wonderful to see the progression of the girls during the season. Join us and get your camera's ready!


Picture Day

Pictures Day
Date to be determined at Players U in Mt. Prospect.

Photo Forms will be handed out before picture day. Bring the photo forms to Picture Day, if you forget your form we will have extras there.

Attire: Cowboys cheerleading uniform, turtle necks, white socks, white gym shoes,and AHYAA bow.  NO JEWELRY, NO GUM!


Schedule to be announced.